Meet Shellby K


Hey Honey! It’s such a honor that you wanted to get to know me. Well…here it is. I’m a Philadelphia native, with all the east coast, crazy slang to match. I’ve always loved fashion. I remember being in school drawing little outfits in my notebook. As time went on, I didn't know fashion could actually be a career, unless you were a model. So I allowed that passion to slowly fade away. I did everything young people do to figure out this thing called life. I finished High School, started college, but didn’t finish. I thought I would try the medical field so I went to school to be an EMT, that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I tried a few other trades, but it never felt right. Being so established in my christian faith, I prayed that God would direct me. October 16, 2016 my pastor gave me a word saying; God put a ministry in my heart. It was not just a ministry but a business as well. If I stayed focused, great things would began to happen for me. I knew exactly what he was referring to, fashion. Finally, I feel like I’m on the right path. I finished a fashion design program in Philadelphia. Trial and error has helped me kickstart Milk and Honey by SK. Now, I’m committed to serving you and hopefully help stir back up those passions in you.

Love you, praying for you!

Shellby K.